Reading about Writing

This page is dedicated to my favourite books by writers about writing. 

I will update as I remember more old favourites and find new ones.

  • Stephen King - On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. If you have been writing, or even just thinking about writing, for anything longer than a few weeks, I am betting you know this one. It was one of the first texts I was advised to read (and one of the ones that people most often mention). It is fabulous!
  • Nicola Morgan - Write to Be Published. Nicola Morgan was one of the first writers I first engaged with on Twitter and I was fortunate to attend a presentation by her when I went to the Festival Of Writing a couple of years ago. She is a fabulous writer of YA fiction, she is also a very experienced and generous writer. This is a sound, no-nonsense text - Just what I needed to push me forward. 
  • Julia Bell - The Creative Writing Coursebook. This is a treasure chest of a book, bursting with advice and exercises for fiction and poetry writers. 
  • Margret Geraghty - The Five Minute Writer. I got this for Christmas this year. I use it a few times a week as part of my morning write. I often find myself coming back later in the day to work more on the ideas it has sparked. I am LOVING it!
  • Trish Nicholson - Inside Stories for Writers and Readers. A generous offering of advice and activities illustrated with extracts and successful stories from the writer's own work. Offers lots to explore and learn from. 
  • Anne Lamott - Bird by Bird. Subtitled 'Some Instructions on Writing and Life', this is an absolutely beautiful book about being a writer and being alive, and how to be both of those things passionately. It is beautiful.